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Remigijus Slezas


the kiss of Budda
„Buda“ Šiaulai 2005 m.

Works of stone statuary
Statues made of granite and marble from Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and other countries.
Ornamental works: fountains, chandeliers, ornamental walls, waterfalls made of dolomite, granite and marble.
The sculptor designs tombstones which are scattered over graveyards of all Lithuania.

Artistic decoration of interior
We decorate interiors using modern technologies. We create interior projects and carry out decoration works of walls and ceiling using our own materials in Lithuania and abroad.

We give an advice on interior designing, use of materials and sculptures and adjustment of ornamental items in your surroundings.
We sell ideas and ready made sculptures as well as produce items under the projects proposed by a client.

Works of timber statuary
We make oak sculptures on topics of religion and folk art of Lithuania and of the whole world, also ornamental furniture from oak and stone are produced. In addition, very profound monumental compositions of exterior and of chamber nature which are suitable for house and garden decoration are made.

Few creative camps will be organized in year 2006. All sculptors wishing to spend some time with their colleagues and get some experience are invited to take part in the creative camps as well.

  ICCC (Sweeden)
  Akmenorių Gildija (Lithuania)
  Lithuanian Folk Artist`s Society (Lithuania)
  LATGA-A (Lithuania)