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Remigijus Slezas


Name: Remigijus Slezas
Date of birth: 4 January 1967
Address : 2 Tilviku , Siauliai, Lithuania
Phone: +370 63332293
+370 61831369
Email: sculpture.lt@gmail.com
WebPage: http://skulptorius.lt
Marital status: married

Education and qualifikacion :
2005-2009 Siauliai University , speciality Multimedia Art (diploma- video- performance ''POSTDEATCH'')
1982-1986 Telsiai Technical School of Aplied Arts and acquiring the speciality of a sculptor (diploma- sculpture "VEZLYS")
1978-1982 Siauliai Cildren Art school (doploma-wash-drawing artist)
1974- 1982 Siauliai secondary school No9

1986 Completed Teisiai technical school of applied arts acquiring the speciality of a sculptor.
1986 I became member of Lithuanian association of folk art. I am a member of folk art union now. I have tried my creative potential in the spheres of photography, wash-drawing, interior design, wood and stone sculpture, videoart, performance art ant instaliacione art. I have participated in sectional exhibitions and organised personal exhibitions and have taken part in creative seminars.
2005-2009 Siauliai University, Faculty of Arts, speciality. Bachelor Degree Diploma, Batchelor of Multimedia Arts

Creative biography:
2009 Foto exhibition ''Autoportretas'' (Siauliai)
2005 constantly going show in the internet. Address: www.skulptorius.lt
2005 Areal reporting cycle folk art exhibition (Siauliai)
2004 Regional stone sculptors camp (july 12-21. Kelme, Lithuania)
2003 Ouk sculptures park in teritory "Plûgo broliai" (Joniskis)
2002 Creative camp of painters (Dveverna, Klaipeda district)
1999 Personal exhibition "TINKAS" (Nida)
1999 Siauliai region folk art annual exhibition (Siauliai)
1998 Personal plaster painting exhibition (Siauliai)
1990 Areal folk art exhibition (Siauliai)
1989 Areal reporting cycle folk art exhibition (Siauliai)
1989 Republican woodsman seminar (Juodkrante)
1988 Areal junior folk artist exhibition (Siauliai)
1987 Republican woodsman seminar "Vestuviø Kalnas" (Utena)
1987 Republican junior folk artist exhibition (Riga)
1986 Art Day - exhibition (Raseiniai)
1986 Klaipeda areal reporting cycle exhibition (Klaipeda)
1986 Junior folk artists exhibition (Klaipeda)
1986 Personal exhibition (painting, photography) (Telsiai)
1985 Folk art association, Lower Lithuania branch Days (Telsiai)
1985 Republical folk art schools exhibition (Kaunas)

Priores works:
2009 Video - performance ''POST DEATH'' (Lithuania)
2008 Performance art ''Ritm in the dzazzz'' (Siauliai)
2008 Video - instaleishin ''Butis'' (Siauliai)
2008 Performance ''Butis ir mirtis''
2007 Sculpture ''Katinas'' (Joniskis)
2006 Performance ''Fuch dewil'' (Siauliai)
2005 “Cherubs kiss”.Bronze,h.: 50 cm.Siauliai
2005 "GYVYBËS MEDIS"Monument. Kairenai cemetery, Vilnius
Autors: blacksmith Þanas Mikalauskas and sculptor Remigijus Ðleþas
stone "AURORA", metal,height: 110 cm
2005 "Express Kontakto" Finlend stone "AURORA" and Sweden granit,
height: 120 cm. Ginkunai cemetery, Siauliai, Lithuania.
2005 “Heart”.height: 80cm.Finland stoune "AURORA".Karnelava cemetery, Lithuanian.
2004 “Cros”.Cros in Hill of Crosses.Oak, height 360 cm. Siauliai, Lithuania
2004 “GOD is truth”, Stone, height 100 cm .Regional stone sculptor’s camp
(july 12-21. Kelme, Lithuania)
2004 “KAROSAS”.Oak, height 106 cm, Janinos individual farm by Bubiai sea
2003 “Cherub”. White marble,height 80 cm .Jonava Cemetery ,Lithuania
2003 “Witch”.Oak, height 190 cm.Cafe "Plugo broliai" park.Jioniskis, Lithuania
2003 “Witch”.Oak, height 190 cm.Cafe "Plugo broliai" park .Jioniskis, Lithuania
2003 “Devil”Oak, height 180cm.Cafe "Plugo broliai".Jioniskis, Lithuania
2003 “Warrior”.Oak, height 175 cm,
2003 “Indian boy”.Oak, height 120 cm. Kurtuvenai reagional Parc.
2003 Merry-go-round “LITTLE WITCH”.Oak, height 90 cm, Cafe "Pusele"
Siauliai ,Lithuania.
2002 “Sachem”.Oak, height 180 cm.
2002 Performance ''fuch Europe''
2002 “WITH LOVE” .Stone "AURORA", height: 60 cm. Priekule cemetery , Lithuania
2001 “Angel”. White marble, height 75 cm Jonava cemetery , Lithuania
2000 “God’s hand”.Lithuanian"s granit . Karnelava cemetery , Lithuania
2000 “Mother's heart”.Finnish granite "Aurora", height 75 cm.
Druskininkai cemetery- 2005, Lithuania
1989 “Hobbyhorse”. Oak, h.: 60 cm. Kursenai, Lithuania.
1988 Relief .Karelian granite, Kursenai Cemetery (Lithuania)
1987 “Flowers”. Field granite, Babtai Cemetery (Lithuania)
1986 “Dance with fish.”. Field granite, Teisiai district (Lithuania)
1986 "Vezlys"-diplome work, stoun , Telsiai (Lithuania)

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  Akmenoriø Gildija (Lithuania)
  Lithuanian Folk Artist`s Society (Lithuania)
  LATGA-A (Lithuania)