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Remigijus Slezas


2010 02 17 video - performance ''POSTMIRTIS'' (Post Death) 2009m.

2010 01 27 Summary

Final Bachelor Degree Work Death Phenomenon in Performances. Videoperformance „Postmirtis“ (Post Death) interprets and analyses death phenomenon in scientific literature, in the religions of Christianity and Buddhism, as well as in the art of performance.
Exclusive Lithuanian attitude of the old culture towards death and afterlife as well as manifestations of old Lithuanian notions in modern Lithuania induced the author to write this work. While analysing and comparing the performances related with death theme, one very important detail has been revealed that the art of performance and its creators in modern society use human body to express artistic interpretation not as the subject of being but as the subject of activity. Therefore a new idea has started up to the author to emphasize in his creation the sacrality of death and affterlife and philosophical attitude towards death, thus the analysis of this phenomenon is rather wide. In the first theoretical part of the work the aspects of death depicted in scientific literature, the religions of Christianity and Buddhism, Lithuanian literature are analysed by employing comparison method. In the second theoretical part of the paper the art of performance and its interfaces with death phenomenon are investigated.
In the third part of Bachelor‘s thesis artistic author‘s project - videoperformance „Postmirtis“(Post Death) and other performances of the author are analysed. The filming took place in the burial-ground of Javidoniai village, Pakruojis district and the Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai district. The creative work videoperformance „Postmirtis“(Post Death) is a contraposition to a crude usage of human body in art as the subject of activity.

2009 12 29 Hot news

2006 04 04 Multimedia Art Festival ENTER 4

We would like to invite you to take part in the international multimedia art festival ENTER 4 with your artworks and projects.
The festival will be open to submissions until April 15th. The festival will accept works from all over the world. All categories are accepted: documentary, fiction, experimental and animation. The festival will also receive works made especially for Internet - web-art, media-art and interactive works. Works have to be presented originaly in any format (DVD, VHS, Flash and etc.)
To be eligible for the competition at ENTER 4 - multimedia art festival, works must follow the conditions:

+Institutional works and advertisement films will not be accepted
+All categories accepted: documentary, fiction, experimental, animation, web works
+ Digital works ( in format files with extensions: ".avi" (Windows Media); ".mov" (QuickTime); ".rm" (Real Media)) must be sent in a CD-ROM.
+ Web-art works, media-art and interactive works with mixed media must have its own URL at Internet.
+ VHS tape must have a good quality in order to ensure a good encode.
+ All materials must be labeled with director“s name, title and contact.
+None of sent material will be given back.
+Works must be sent in a VHS (NTSC/PAL) copy or a CD-ROM or DVD (NTSC) to the address below.

Siauliai Art Gallery,
Vilniaus st. 245, LT - 76010 Šiauliai


Awards will be given to 5 best artworks( 3 selected by the jury's choise and 2 selected by public's choise)

If you have any ideas/proposals/projects that you would like to present for our consideration please get in touch.

This is a professional multi-media festival ENTER4, which is the adjustment and continuation of the video art festival VARIATIONS OF VIDEO that has lasted for 6-year. The ENTER4 festival is organized for the third time and is dedicated not only for video art, but also for the wider sense of development of multimedia art in Šiauliai city and region. The necessity of such festival is dictated by the interest of young artists in the abilities of the digital technology and a wish to corporate with the professional deputies of such range. The aim of the festival is to become the most significant event of such kind in the region and to enable opportunities for artists universally integrate into the environment of the informative society that turns to be as a nascent topic of art.
The educational project VARIATIONS OF VIDEO, which was held for several times before, formed a group of young creative people, who gravely added the number of the students in Vilnius Academy Of Art. During the last several years at least three people entered the department of photography and media art from Šiauliai to Vilnius Academy of Art.
It motivates the alternation of the informative cultural and regional centres. The deputies of the multi-media art are qualified at Šiauliai University as well, but they have a lack of practical skills, such as communication or information. So, the solution to this case, is, that the mentioned skills exactly are taught at the studies of the projects of arrangement and implementation of VARIATIONS OF VIDEO and ENTER.
Young artists, students and pupils are incorporated into the arrangement and the presentation of programmes which widen the audience of modern art consumers. So, the possibility occurs to relate the artistic achievements and technological informative discoveries of a society at the same range.
Every year the project programme is filled with the young authors, who later takes part in the similar international events and finds a niche to present creative search.
ENTER3 festival pays alot of attention to the internet art, and precisely these abilities give the oppurtunity to understand the internet not only as the basic needs for one’s traditional purpose, but also creatively while experiencing among the coleagues and society in the competitions.
The consignee of the project is both creative people and art consumers. Beneficial conditions are created for artists to realise their common creative work; the public searches for possibilities to meet with the newest achievements in multimedia art range. The audience of events is very wide, from the academic to the entertaining part, but the basics of the audience consists of youngsters and art people, who are interested in the cultural process. Lately, the exhibitions are visited not only by city dwellers, but and the guests from other cities and countries.
This project has lasted for eight years, since the presentation of the news of video art till the interdisciplinary event, where you can get acquinted with the modern digital art innovations.
The demand of the event is such a big, that every year its programme is added with the new theoretical lectures, reviews, artistic actions. Obviously, including the computerized graphics, micro-form cinema, topic of internet art, this festival has a perspective, the audience and its clear goal.
Without the multi-media festival ENTER the modern digital art festival is not imaginative in the city representation. In the nearly future, it should more adjust to the changable cultural demands of the society and absolutely satisfy them with the modern forms of art.

2005 10 25 In 2006 several creative camps will be organised. You may participate in
them if you are a sculptor or willing to spend your time among colleagues and gain experience in Lithuania.
email: remigijus.slezas@one.lt
post box: 86
2004 05 29 Regional stone sculptors camp (july 12-21. Kelme, Lithuania).
2004 01 15 In 2004 several creative camps will be organised. You may participate in
them if you are a sculptor or willing to spend your time among colleagues and gain experience.

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